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Dr. Ashley R. Chandler, MD
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Ashley Chandler has lived in and loved Pensacola, FL since her family moved here when she was in high school.

Dr. Chandler received a full scholarship to Florida State, where she also completed medical school. Back to Pensacola for surgical rotation, she cared for a patient who had breast cancer reconstruction performed in New Orleans because it was not available in this area.  This sparked her interest in Plastic Surgery and cemented her aspiration to bring microsurgical breast reconstruction to the Gulf Coast.

Dr. Chandler graduated at the top of her medical school class and was accepted to a six-year integrated Plastic Surgery residency in New York, training under a multitude of renown plastic surgeons. After which Dr. Chandler was accepted to a fellowship with one of the top breast plastic surgeons in the country. Seven years of extensive breast centered training has fully prepared Dr. Chandler to fulfill her dream of taking care of women affected by breast cancer in her community.

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