Ashley Cowart, OD

Optometrist Dr. Ashley Cowart joined the Florida Eye Specialists team in 2017. After earning her undergraduate degree from Auburn University, she studied optometry at the University of Alabama Birmingham before completing her residency at Braverman Eye Center in south Florida where she specialized in ocular disease.

Dr. Cowart then joined the University of Florida Department of Optometry. Prior to coming to Florida Eye Specialists, she worked for the Mayo Clinic Health System in Georgia.

When a patient comes in with a problem, Dr. Cowart enjoys helping the patient in anyway she can and she loves being a part of improving her patient’s lives.

Dr. Cowart is originally from Savannah, Georgia. She was a competitive tennis player in high school and had to wear contact lenses. She became increasingly interested in the field of optometry with each visit to her optometrist and started asking him questions about becoming one herself. Dr. Cowart still loves playing tennis. She was even on the Auburn Tiger tennis team in college. She enjoys getting involved in charitable work and helping wherever she can. Dr. Cowart also has a dog and loves going to the beach.